Accoona Launches… Again

accoona_logo.gifWe were invited recently to a press event at the United Nations that sounded suspiciously like a launch. “Accoona Reinvents Internet Search,” reads the press release subsequently issued by the company. Hmm. This sounded familiar. Didn’t this company do a well-publicized launch event, featuring none other than former President Bill Clinton, back in late 2004? The company’s ties to chess master Gary Kasparov, as well as former Compaq Chairman Eckhard Pfeiffer, attracted attention at the time. But then Accoona quickly faded out of view.

Well, now it appears the company is launching once again, with news and business search features. Still coming soon is an advertising model.

From the release:

In addition, Accoona executives revealed that the company will soon unveil a new model of online advertisement. Thousands of major advertisers and advertising agencies have already signed letters of intent to participate, according to Stuart Kauder, chief executive officer of Accoona.

“Our artificial intelligence capabilities enable us to offer advertisers a compelling and unique value proposition, in terms of matching search queries to their products and services,” said Kauder. “Here, too, Accoona will redefine the commercial model of Internet search.”

Thousands of major advertisers and agencies? Wow. Looking forward to hearing more.

UPDATE: If you’re one of those advertisers or agencies, feel free to drop us a line!

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