Ad Gross Out: Call That Cat “Sparky”

After checking into AdStar’s new paper partners (see post below), I couldn’t resist but to visit The Current Argus site, since the name’s so intriguing. It’s a Carlsbad-based pub, and I hate to say it, but definitely one of those newspaper sites that needs to get its act together in terms of aesthetics and content if it’s to survive. It looks like your local paper site circa 1998. Sadly, so many local news sites look even worse than this one….


Anyway, I couldn’t resist highlighting an ad that’s on the homepage for an electrical contractor. I can’t help but wonder, is this supposed to be a cautionary tale…er…tail? (Sorry, had to do it….) Is this electrician trying to scare consumers into using his services? Perhaps he heard that people love animals in ads? Who knows, but it’s a classic.

My kitty’s way cuter, by the way.

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