Ad Network Aims for Sustainability Set

A new online ad network hopes to draw media spending from companies interested in reaching a socially and environmentally aware audience.

The network, called GreenAds, launched in beta this week with a range of Web sites in five categories. Publishers include “Grist Magazine,”, E, and blogs TreeHugger and MetaEfficient. Text ads and a wide range of banners are among the formats available, along with an email blast option. Advertisers can place orders on either a CPM (define) or CPC (define) basis.

The firm, which bills itself as “the values-based online ad network,” has a total potential reach of approximately 2 million monthly uniques, according to the company.

GreenAds’ first advertiser is “Ode” magazine, and CEO Perry Goldschein said the firm is in talks with several national advertisers interested in buying media. Though only “Ode” has signed up thus far, Goldschein said he’s received interest from a broad swath of verticals, including retail, automotive, and telecommunications.

“On the Fortune 1000 side, you might have companies like Toyota and Honda that put out hybrid cars and companies like Staples that have a commitment to operating in a socially responsible way,” he said.

Categories in which advertisers can buy media include sustainability and environment; health and wellness; spirituality and personal development; and social responsibility and fair trade. The company has also launched a B2B channel for green business products.

GreenAds has slated its official launch for October 1.

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