Ad Network Oridian Teams with Lookery to Monetize Facebook Apps

Lookery, a provider of social-network based marketing services has partnered with ad network Oridian to provide advertising in applications and widgets on networking sites such as Facebook.

Lookery launched a display-advertising network for Facebook applications in July, and will now partner with Oridian to handle ad fulfillment in Europe.

A number of publishers have already signed up to provide application ad inventory to the new network, including WaterCoolerInc, creator of numerous television based apps such as “Addicted to Friends” and “Addicted to Sex and the City.” The apps allow Facebook users to display images from favorite TV shows, and connect with others who appreciate the shows.

The network’s ads will appear as banners across the top of application pages, and will be targeted depending on the nature of the application. The ads are not hosted on the Facebook site itself, but by the app publisher.

“Many Facebook applications will appeal to a fairly narrow demographic already,” stated Oridian CEO Jacob Nizri. “So, for example, a sports brand may wish to advertise on a sports related app to reach a relevant audience.” He did not confirm any advertisers that would be using the channel as of yet.

Lookery will be competing with the likes of SocialMedia, which already operates a network of applications across a number of networking sites including Facebook and MySpace.

Lookery also has worked with Pheedo to run ads for Ford in widgets.

“The ability to monetize apps offers a real incentive for developers and publishers, and Oridian can deliver the advertisers,” said Nizri.

According to analytics company Adanomics, more than 9,000 Facebook applications have been installed over 600 million times.

“It’s a brilliant idea for Facebook to offer an open-source platform” stated Nizri. “It grants developers the right to do what they want with their applications. So we ask: Why not place advertisements?”

UPDATE: This story originally reported Lookery will operate as a broker between application publishers and Oridian’s advertiser base, but there is no brokering or reselling deal in place between the two companies. Also, Pheedo, originally mentioned as a Lookery competitor, has partnered with the company and does not compete with Lookery, according to Lookery.

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