AdCenter Tool for Demographic Prediction

microsoft-logo002_3009.jpgA marketer friend/source of mine just turned me on to a neat
tool on Microsoft’s
adCenter that allows advertisers to predict consumer age and gender based on keywords and particular Web site URLs.

A couple of my own query results:

URL searches: 64 percent male, ages 35˜49 60 percent male, ages 35˜49 (just 60 percent male? Hmmm…) 98 percent female, ages 25˜34 50/50 split, ages 18-24

Keyword searches:
Baby Phat: 76 percent female, ages 25˜34
AARP: 59 percent female, ages 50+
Star Trek: 64 percent male, ages 35˜49
Pashmina: 70 percent female, ages 25˜34
world cup: 63 percent male, ages 25˜34
online marketing: 60 percent male, ages 25˜34

This URL search seems way off: 51 percent female, aged under 18

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