offers a full line of products serving the online advertising industry. All products were designed using Microsoft technology and are only supported on the Windows NT or Windows 2000 platform.

Below is a list of products provided by for online advertising software solutions:

  • Ban Man Pro is a highly scaleable ad server for managing banner ads on Web sites. The software is also capable of serving all types of ads, from images to Java banners to Flash and HTML.
  • The Affiliate Wiz software is a complete server software product for managing an affiliate program.
  • Link X Pro is server software for running a full-blown link exchange.
  • Syndicate Pro is server software for distributing online news content, similar to the service offered by iSyndicate and Web sites can sign up as affiliates and distribute your news content.
  • Greeting Card Pro allows a personalized greeting card service similar to that of major online Web sites such as,, and
  • Poll Pro is server software for Web polling. The user can quickly create and display web polls on the site with full control over the look and feel of the polls.
  • eNewsletter Pro is server software for managing and distributing HTML- or text-formatted newsletters via email. The product supports an unlimited number of mailing lists, newsletters, and subscribers.

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