Adify to Design Custom Ad Networks for Havas’ Media Contacts

Media Contacts, the interactive agency of Havas Digital, has contracted with ad network manager Adify Media to design and manage custom networks for its clients.

The hope for Media Contacts is that the custom networks will allow for deeper engagement with consumers through more specific targeting. Adify, a unit of Cox Enterprises that is based in San Bruno, Calif., targets vertical sites on which users spend more than 25 percent of their time, and focuses on affluent, educated audiences.

It’s an experimental approach for Media Contacts, but one that account manager Tom Penque believes will deliver greater ROI than simply scattering display ads across existing networks.

“We feel we can deliver higher engagement versus other forms of targeting if we surround the user in ways that are different than the traditional approach,” he said. “We’ll be able to get potentially greater value for our clients that way.”

To gauge that value, Media Contacts will rely on some unconventional measurements for ad networks: brand metrics such as awareness and consideration rather than clicks or conversions. Penque said that “having branded networks enables us to zoom in a little more on upper funnel” metrics.

Media Contacts plans to launch the first of its Adify vertical networks – likely travel, healthcare and retail – in the second quarter, with more to follow throughout the year. The deal is not exclusive, and Media Contacts will continue to work with other ad networks as well.

Adify claims to reach more than 109 million users across more than 12,000 sites.

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