AdMob, Mywaves Offer New Mobile Video Format

Mobile ad network AdMob and video company mywaves have paired up to offer a user-initiated video ad format on AdMob partner sites. Coca-Cola signed on as the first advertiser.

Called Click-to-Video, the ad appears as a banner unit on a mobile Web page. A user’s click leads to a landing page containing a mywaves-branded embedded player where the video appears. The player then offers additional video entertainment selected by the advertiser.

“We found there is a lot of interest in the advertising marketplace to bring the power of video advertising to mobile handsets in a way that makes sense,” said Rajeev Raman, CEO of mywaves.

In the case of Coca-Cola, users click through to watch a :15 animated creative entitled “coca cola bubble.”

“This is where the advertiser has put some effort into thinking about what kind of content is appealing,” said Raman. “Thinking about what constitutes video entertainment but also has commercial value.”

Click-to-video units will be added to the AdMob Marketplace’s new landing page solution. The embedded player is capable of video playback of ads in approximately160 countries.

The commercial terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

Mywaves launched earlier this year as a video aggregation site operating on mobile carriers. It developed a player with send-to-mobile functionality, called SND2MBL, which requires a downloadable mobile app that pulls video to a user’s phone. Mywaves plans to offer its embedded player to mobile content creators outside the AdMob network.

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