Ads Stand Out in Seth MacFarlane’s New ‘Cavalcade’

Seth McFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy has made its official debut, and the sponsor placements for Burger King are a good sight better than we’ve all been trained to expect from video. The reason: McFarlane’s team created them, so they feel homegrown… part of the entertainment package.

The videos are also being syndicated to BK’s YouTube channel, where visitors can enter a contest to buy Seth dinner at Burger King. (From the rules: “That’s right, the winner will buy the meal. But, you know, in the end you’re still coming out on top. How many hours has Seth given to you?”)

Now has anyone seen these in the wild? As you’ll recall, Google and McFarlane struck a deal to distribute the content in ad space on the AdSense network. First person to email me a screen shot gets a prize: a free hard copy edition of a certain celebrated social marketing book that was released over the summer. Send to zach[at]

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