Ad:Tech’s Adjacency Issue

Much chatter this year about what’s become a decidely schizophrenic trait of Ad:Tech. There seem to be two parallel events: the conference, and the exhibit hall.

Attendees, particularly those from major agencies and trade organizations, are wondering aloud if the organizers ever plan to take a hard look — and make some hard decisions — about some of the more dubious companies exhibiting cheeck-to-jowl with legitimate product and service vendors. Now that the show has burgeoned out of the bust days into a thriving, profitable conference, many are hoping there will soon be an end to the shady affiliate companies, online casinos and hawkers of “30 Million Opt-In E-Mail Addresses!” list brokers hawking wares of questionable legitimacy (and legality) next to some of the most upstanding companies in the business.

It’s always easy, not to mention tempting, to just take the money. Sometimes, it’s a far better move not to.

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