Advertisers Looking Beyond Banners

According to a survey by personal finance Web site, companies are exploring more creative Web marketing tools, including new technologies and email marketing.

Reasons for Marketing Online
To acquire customers 78%
To drive revenue 22%
To retain customers 19%
Benefits of Successful Web Partnerships
Increase revenue 22%
Ability to leverage Web expertise 22%
Increased traffic 19%
Co-branded content 15%
Companies Looking Beyond Banner Ads
E-mail 59%
New media technology 41%
Micro-sites 28%
Real digital video 19%
Reasons for Sponsorship Popularity
Increases association of
content with advertiser
Build brand awareness 34%
Costs less than traditional campaigns 12%
More flexible than banner ads 9%

The survey found that 84 percent of the respondents have employed non-banner advertising, with three out of five companies turning to email. Forty-one percent of respondents have applied new media technology, while others have used micro-sites and real digital video as advertising vehicles.

“While banner ads are still largely used in online marketing, Internet trends necessitate advertising that will engage customers,” said advertising director Jeff Cohen. “As we enter the 21st century, Web site proprietors and Internet advertisers must continue to develop unique programs that benefit the customer, as well as each other.”’s survey was conducted among companies that advertise online during Quicken’s Partners Summits. The companies surveyed represented several industries, including financial services, telecommunications, and e-commerce.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Internet Ad Revenue Report, banners remain the predominant type of Internet advertising on the Net, constituting 58 percent of all creative. Sponsorship are second, representing 29 percent of the online advertising buys.

Fifty percent of the respondents to the survey said the main benefit of sponsorships is gaining new customers. According to 35 percent of the Quicken respondents, the association of content with the advertiser is the main reason sponsorships have become so popular. While sponsorships cost less than traditional media campaigns, price does not seem to be a factor in their growth. Only 12 percent of companies maintain that lower costs have affected sponsorship popularity. The ability to build brand awareness was the second most cited reason for the growing popularity of sponsorships.

As far as competing with traditional forms of advertising, 66 percent of the respondents to the Quicken study spend more on traditional media than online media. Nineteen percent of companies have an even mix of traditional and online marketing, and only 6 percent spend more online than on traditional media.

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