Advertising Placements by Industry and Top Sponsored Links, April 2009

The industry breakdown of ad placements and unit types and top 25 companies placing sponsored links. The data are provided by Nielsen Online.

Advertising Breakdown by Industry, April 2009
Industry Total Impressions, April 2009 (M) Change From Previous Month (%)
Automotive 7,072.9 -9
Business-to-business 4,088.6 -8
Consumer goods 10,842.3 3
Entertainment 8,258.2 -19
Financial services 38,068.3 1
Hardware and electronics 2,238.9 -16
Health 5,779.3 -29
Public services 6,109.8 -24
Retail goods and services 13,480.9 -21
Software 4,052.3 -1
Telecommunications 24,670.4 -18
Travel 8,660.5 -23
Web media 30,349.1 -5
Total 163,671.5 -11
Source: Nielsen Online, 2009

Top 25 Companies by Sponsored Link Impressions, April 2009
Company Sponsored Link Impressions, April 2009 (M)
InterActiveCorp 768.4
Research In Motion Ltd. 662.2
eBay Inc. 625.6
Yahoo Inc. 451.3 Inc. 363.9
Bank of America Corp. 319.8
Infospace Inc. 281.7
e-Unity Corp. 249.0
Target Corp. 238.4
The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. 233.6
Pacific Sunwear of California Inc. 232.9
Pali Overnight Adventures 213.8
Bottom Line Publications 208.0
United Online Inc. 200.5
Experian plc. 192.7
ChnLove Holdings Ltd. 191.3
The Restored Church of God 189.4
Interchange Corp. 186.8
PregnancyWeekly 186.7
Mighty Net Inc. 182.5
Microsoft Corp. 178.3
The Motley Fool 174.5
Zencon Technologies LLC 173.3
Pilgrim Tours 163.2
ShareBuilder Corp. 157.8
Source: Nielsen Online, 2009

Nielsen Online

Methodology: Nielsen Online AdRelevance’s Cloudprober technology tracks online advertising activity across over 2,000 sites and subsites.

Nielsen Online, AdRelevance service uses a proprietary methodology for estimating online advertising expenditures and only takes into account image-based technologies and advertising sold per CPM. Above data does not reflect house advertising activity, strategic partnerships between publishers and advertisers, or text units, paid search, sponsorships, email, units contained within applications (e.g., messengers and pre-rolls) or performance based advertising.

Definition of Terms

Standard Image/Text Link: Ads that are comprised of many components, typically both image and text beneath the images, all of which link to the same destination URL.

Standard Image: Animated or static image ads; GIF or JPEG file format-based ads. HTML ads are also classified under this category.

Sponsored Link: Text-based ads that often appear as a result of a keyword search either on a search engine or associated site. These ads are often displayed alongside natural search results but identified under specified headers (e.g., “Paid Sponsor”, “Sponsored Link”, “Sponsored Sites” or “Sponsored Results”).

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