A&E: Blogging for Body Art

A&E Networks has launched a tattoo culture Weblog to promote its new television show on that subject. Created by viral marketing agency ElectricArtists, it’s the second lifestyle blog that firm has launched for a client in as many months.

Inkedblog.com will highlight “stories, articles, information and content related to the show as we head into the series premiere,” according to ElectricArtists founder Marc Schiller. Schiller, who made his comments in an online forum, was not immediately available for comment.

Site sections include interviews, tattooed celebrities, a “Tats 101” section, and healing/aftercare tips for newcomers to body art. Recent blog posts feature Arabic language tattoos, video game-themed tattoos and a history of the New York tattoo.

A&E’s branding touch is extremely light. Buried halfway down the list of content sections is “Inked on A&E,” a page with detailed information about the show.

“Our mission is to celebrate tattooing as a modern art form which incorporates art, fashion, style, and pop culture,” announces the site. “While paying homage and respect to the past, we look to present a contemporary take on the present and future of skin art.”

In May, ElectricArtists launched GardenOfSweden.com, a blog promoting Svedka Vodka geared toward trendsetters and tastemakers. The firm brought in experienced writers to create compelling content to draw an audience.

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