After Moving Ads to the Left, Google Clicks Climb 10 Percent

As we mentioned last week, Google recently moved its search ads column to the left in a bid to increase their visibility and click rate. With the change, the paid links appear much closer to the organic results — especially on larger screens.

What’s been the impact so far? The jury’s still out on that, but one search analytics company has published early analysis suggesting clicks may have risen by 10.3 percent. Santa Monica-based SEM firm The Search Agents compared clickthrough rate from last Tuesday through Thursday to the total rate from the past 10 weeks on those three days.

In a post presenting its data, the company says the finding is not proof of users’ future click behavior. But if it does bear out, the potential impact on inventory and reach is very significant.

We’re still interested in hearing how this change might have affected your campaigns. Care to share?

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