Agency: eBay Adopts Google Paid Search Ads

A few stories ClickZ editors are reading:

eBay Adopting Syndicated Google Paid Search Ads, Dropping Yahoo In the last three weeks, paid search agency saw the bulk of clicks on the site shift to Google ads. (Rimm-Kaufman Group)

Over 1,000 Content owners Now Using Content ID Every major U.S. network broadcaster, film studio, and record label now use the program, which allows companies to claim a portion of advertising that appears on content containing their intellectual property. (YouTube Biz Blog) Launches Ad Network with a Twist Start-up — founded by former FIM execs Ross Levinsohn — gives publishers a say in the placement, price integrity, and contextual targeting of advertisements.

TargetSpot Launches Analytics Tech for Online Radio Ads Online radio ad network allows Web radio advertisers to track viewer activity after an ad is heard.

Twitter Secures New Investment at $1 Billion Valuation (TechCrunch)

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