Aggregate Knowledge Looks to Pique Consumer Interest

AggregateKnowledge.jpgDescribing it as an “adSense for content” system, Aggregate Knowledge officially launched its Pique Discovery Network for placing targeted ads on publisher and e-commerce Web sites today.

The Pique Discovery system places specific ads on a page based on the purchasing or general interests of previous Web site visitors. An online consumer interested in bedding might be shown display ads for throw pillows on the same page, according to Paul Martino, CEO and founder of Aggregate Knowledge. The company offers four versions of its system, including Pique Multi-Site Discovery for placing ads across multiple sites in the network, Pique Onsite Discovery for only a single site, Pique Email Discovery for dynamic ad placement in e-mails each time they are opened, and Pique Affiliate Discovery for updated affiliate ads. The system works by collecting traffic data via JavaScript code on a site which then funnels to the Pique Discovery Engine.

The Network has signed on a number of customers including,, Vinfolio, The HealthCentral Network and others.

“Our average conversion on Delightful Deliveries, besides the Christmas season, is three percent, but when people use that Aggregate Knowledge discovery window it’s 10 percent higher,” said, Eric Lituchy, founder and CEO of Gift Web site “So it’s pretty powerful.”

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