Amazon Taxes ‘The Office’

amazon office big.JPG
With tax season approaching,’s got a fun way to promote its less than exciting tax software. The site’s Tax Central shop is repped by staff from NBC’s “The Office.” Five characters from the show are matched with their taxpayer personalities: E-Z breezy filer, fancy filer, procrastinator, extender, and the typical taxpayer. This is a good tie-in for the show and lots of opportunities for to link to the show’s DVD sets.

Of course, using these characters could just create more issues for the WGA strike, as well as the impending actor’s strike. B.J. Novak, who plays Ryan Howard on the show, has writing credits on several episodes, and he and other actors from “The Office” have been very vocal during the strike about the use of their work on the Internet, and subsequent advertising revenues.

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