American Airlines’ CGM Journey

Aadvantage.jpg AAdvantage, American Airlines’ frequent flyer program, has enrolled consumer-generated media (CGM) in its marketing efforts.

“See other AAdvantage members’ travel photos,” reads the subject line of an e-mail message sent yesterday from American Airlines’ frequent flyer program.

At “Milestones,” AAdvantage’s frequent flyer members are invited to upload travel photos and contribute travel advice on a message board. Paris is the most recent site to be featured.

Since July, AAdvantage has featured three other destinations: Rome, London, and Hawaii.

In the consumer generated media world of travel, TripAdvisor has long been a prominent site for online hotel reviews. That site, owned by Expedia, boasts it has more than 10 million traveler reviews and opinions of hotels, vacations, and more.

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