Amobee to Outsource Ad Sales Up North

amobee logo.JPGFollowing the decision to turn select advertising inventory over to Winstar Interactive Media’s Interep unit, mobile advertising solutions firm Amobee said today Target Broadcast Sales would handle select mobile ad inventory for Canada. “Amobee has continued its strategy of partnering with trusted names in ad-selling. This approach enables us to focus on our core expertise — developing the best ad-serving solutions available,” said Amobee’s CEO Zohar Levkovitz, in a statement.

Target Broadcast, which claims to be Canada’s only independently owned national media sales organization, has five sales offices throughout Canada.

Amobee said about the Interep deal that sales would be specific to Amobee inventory, and not package deals, the same is likely true here. In the future, it would be something to tap into other media of Interep and Target Broadcast to create multi-channel buys down the line.

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