An Ad Deal for Multiplayer Mobile Games

Mobile advertising solutions company Amobee inked a deal with Exit Games that will support ads in multiplayer games made for handheld devices. The arrangement serves publishers of mobile games looking for creative ways to monetize content.

Exit Games provides game developers and publishers with a license of its Neutron connected mobile multiplayer solution. In essence, the Neutron platform allows cross-platform and cross-carrier multiplayer games. In its deal with Amobee, licensees will enable ads through Amobee’s Handset Application Programming Interface (HAPI). Ad units include pre-roll, interstitials between levels, product placement, and in-game units. Ads can also be served based on conditions within a game, like when a player reaches a certain score, or certain achievements are met based on a multiplayer scenario.

“In multiplayer mode, the numbers of contestants might trigger a different ad,” said Amobee Media Systems SVP and GM of the Americas, Roger Wood. “Let’s look at the nature of the entertainment experience itself, and then after the nature of the entertainment experience is understood, then look at the creative ways to insert the inventory so that you’re optimizing the ads for the performance of the advertiser.”

Developers have the ability to select a range of fee options, from an ad-subsidized format where a lower fee is paid and fewer ads are served, to a fully ad-supported model where the game is provided for free. Since the advertising is served on a player opt-in basis, developers can forgo the ad component completely.

Several Web-based casual games sites have recently added revenue sharing. In this case, developers license the technology and keep the revenues, but a certain portion goes to Exit Games.

Exit Games has presences on carrier decks and off-deck, worldwide. A condition of working with Amobee is that partners must have established carrier relationships. “We think we picked the right hybrid partner who really understands carrier-centric models,” said Wood.

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