AVADO chooses Fospha to maximise Customer Journey revenue

LONDON, Thursday 24th November 2016: AWARD-WINNING online education provider AVADO Learning is the latest business to sign up the ground-breaking customer journey optimisation company Fospha.

AVADO has an active community of more than 20,000 students taking recognised professional qualifications delivered with academic and professional partners who range from ACCA and Sage through to Reed and Accountancy Age.

It sets a market-leading standard as a high-quality provider through early-stage personal contact with prospective students which ensures they are properly matched to the professional course which suits their needs before commencing their studies. A pull quote reading: 'We chose Fospha because of its ability to drill down into all our customer data, both online and offline, and identify activity at an individual level.' James Elias, CMO, AVADO Learning.

AVADO has turned to Fospha to help it develop a better understanding of the customer journey so that its marketing activity can be focused on the channels which deliver the most effective results.

Fospha has developed a suite of tools which enable businesses and organisations to examine data about customer journeys at an individual level, helping clients identify the routes customers take, smooth pathways through forms and funnels, suggest interventions and optimise outcomes.

James Elias, CMO of AVADO, commented: “We work with a range of high-profile organisations serving students for whom a recognised, professional qualification is key to their career journey. Tailoring our courses to the personal needs of students is central to our approach and we’ve brought Fospha on board to help deepen our understanding of the route they take to engaging with us.

We chose Fospha because of its ability to drill down into all our customer data, both online and offline, and identify activity at an individual level. Our students initially engage with us online but we then talk to them directly, and it’s important for us to have clear visibility of where the journey begins in marketing terms, how it progresses, and the value it delivers.”

Fospha’s team combines an intimate understanding of customer journeys with expertise in data science, design and machine learning. They have developed a suite of analytics solutions which delve deep into the ‘cloud’ of customer data to identify individual pathways all the way from marketing-led acquisition to online and offline CRM and cost-per-sale.

Fospha CEO Jonathan Attwood said “AVADO is a perfect partner for us – they’re a market leader, totally committed to delivering quality for their customers, and defined by a desire to do that by developing a deeper understanding of customer needs.

The nature of the customer journey is complicated here by the fact that it isn’t online only, and this is the beauty of our solution: we know how to identify the relevant data at all points, and put it together in a way which shows exactly how it began in marketing terms and what value it ultimately yielded. This is how to optimise that customer journey.”