Millennial Media guarantees 100% in-app mobile ad viewability

Millennial Media, the leading independent mobile ad marketplace, today announced it will offer a 100% viewability guarantee for in-app mobile advertising campaigns. With this dramatic move, Millennial Media ensures advertisers that its media is the most trusted source of mobile impressions in the ecosystem.

There is a growing emphasis on advertising quality indicators industry-wide, such as brand safety, fraud, and viewability. Marketers must protect their brands, and they rightly don’t want to pay for an ad that a consumer might not have an opportunity to see. As outlined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in its recent State of Viewability report, the underlying foundation in this shift is that viewable ads make digital advertising more accountable and comparable to other media. The IAB is a leading industry organization that empowers the media and marketing industries to thrive in the digital economy. It is comprised of more than 650 media and technology companies that are responsible for selling, delivering, and optimizing digital advertising or marketing campaigns.

“The mobile ad ecosystem is desperately seeking guidelines around viewability,” said Michael Barrett, President & CEO at Millennial Media and IAB Board Member. “Today, we are choosing the highest standard possible by offering a 100% in-app viewability guarantee. We have selected Integral Ad Science as our measurement partner because they are the only at-scale vendor that can currently measure in-app viewability. We will continue to partner closely with the MRC, IAB, and our marketing partners to define industry-wide standards around viewability. We are committed to becoming the largest mobile marketplace that provides 100% viewable, brand safe, and fraud free impressions.”

Integral Ad Science delivers the first-to-market viewability measurement solution for all MRAID-compliant mobile advertising application integrations. IAS completed an audit of the Millennial network this spring and both companies have been working with publishers on technical changes that improve viewability.

“The responsibility of viewability falls on us all,” said Shenan Reed, President Digital, North America at leading media agency network MEC. “Brands, agencies, publishers, ad tech vendors, and industry organizations all need to work together to push this forward and create industry-wide adoption. We’re happy to be among those who push this to the forefront.

“Mobile has quickly become the first screen and most accessed device. As such, viewability in mobile is more important than ever,” said Scott Knoll, President & CEO at Integral Ad Science. “We leverage the most advanced science and technology to enable our clients to understand the quality of their media. Millennial Media is a trusted player in mobile and brings tremendous knowledge and expertise to this effort. They’re starting from a position of strength due to their direct publisher integrations and large footprint.”

“2015 is a year of transition. This is the year that viewability standards will be defined and we are excited to work with the IAB and MRC to develop the measurement technologies and standards. We will make data from all campaigns available to the IAB and its working groups to help them understand the drivers of viewability and how to improve it,” said Jason Kelly, President of Managed Media at Millennial Media.

“As we build trust in mobile, the ad dollars will finally catch up to consumer behavior.”