Rhapsody launches new automated digital publishing platform

Rhapsody, the leading cross-media production agency, has unveiled ePublish, a CMS-based digital publishing platform, for the creation of digital apps and websites.

ePublish has been designed for non-technical production and design staff to produce dynamic, responsive apps and websites directly from Adobe InDesign files, saving time and streamlining the entire publishing workflow.

With over 3,000 users in the publishing industry, Rhapsody’s emagine production system is the de-facto standard for publishers producing print and digital content. The ePublish digital publishing platform gives users the power to produce flexible magazine apps and responsive web pages directly from tagged InDesign files, which are created when the user uploads files into emagine. ePublish exports the content into predesigned templates within a CMS, which generates HTML5 and is exported as various native app formats. Using the ePublish platform together with emagine, users are able to automate the entire publishing process from design through to deployment, across multiple devices.

John Rahim, Head of Digital, Rhapsody Ltd, said: “Providing digital content across multiple platforms is vital for publishers, yet resources are stretched and the number of devices and sizes are continually changing. The ePublish digital publishing platform represents a major change for the industry, enabling publishers to harmonise the entire workflow from creative through to print and digital production into one single process.”

The ePublish digital publishing platform is available as a module of the emagine production system and contains several fully responsive templates, able to export content to any app container. ePublish is fully flexible depending on each publisher’s requirements with Rhapsody able to provide a complete design and build service through to deployment to digital stores if required.