US tech TV search company launches in Europe

The laborious process of trying to find something to watch on TV is about to get much easier for viewers in the UK and across Europe, as US Tech company Kannuu have announced their launch into Europe opening an office in London.

Kannuu provides an intuitive search, discovery and recommendation solution for the connected television and media industry.  Using cutting-edge search, discovery and ‘recommendation’ options, with intuitive searching for solutions that quickly connect consumers with desired content in television, OTT media and mobile environments, allowing you to find the TV content you want instantly

In the US, Kannuu has been recognised as an emerging significant player. They will partner with UK and European multiple system operators (MSO) and OTT service providers to drive the implementation of next-generation, personalised content discovery experiences.

CEO of Kannuu, Todd Viegut explained why the US Company has chosen to invest in London.

He said: “London is recognised globally as a leader in tech, with Silicon Roundabout’s reputation being second only to Silicon Valley. That means that the infrastructure and expertise is here to support us as we launch into Europe. It will ensure that we’re able to maintain the same high standards that we have in the US.”

In recent years, online search has become increasingly intuitive and we expect search engines and our smart phones to guess what we’re looking for almost before knowing it ourselves. Searching on our TVs, however, has remained in the last century, with systems commonly still demanding that you know exactly the name of the show you want to find.

“As the amount of media content available to consumers continues to grow exponentially, the ease of finding that content has not improved, until now,” said CEO of Kannuu, Todd Viegut.

“Our new London office will bring this new technology to customers through our existing relationships with MSO and OTT providers serving the European markets.”

Kannuu has hired Senior Digital Media Executive, Tom Laidlaw as the Vice President for the UK and Europe. Laidlaw brings a wealth of experience across digital media. Most recently he was the CEO of innovative online video company, Videojug. Laidlaw will leverage his experience of building business relationships and engaging executives of leading providers in the European connected TV industry as Kannuu continues to expand in this market.

“We’re looking forward to changing the way European consumers connect with content on TV. And for once, the UK shouldn’t be too far behind the Americans in introducing the change,” added Laidlaw.