Another GoogTube Deal in the Offing? Watch SpotRunner and Co.

directv.pngDirecTV would neither confirm nor deny a report today in VentureBeat that the company is about to pact with Google on representation of some boob tube inventory. “We are always looking for ways to increase our ad sales revenue but we have nothing to comment on regarding any new partnerships,” was the official response to my inquiry.

If true, it would be Google’s second such announcement in two weeks, following an agreement with EchoStar’s Dish Network made public eight days ago. If the company follows the same trajectory it’s taken with radio, a slew of similar agreements (some public, some not) will be followed by the introduction of dedicated planning and creative tools for the environment. The TV space has a growing number of self-service TV ad building and buying tools that could serve a purpose similar to that dMarc did in Google’s expansion plans. Most notable among them is Spot Runner, and its acquisition by Google would give a leg up to this big, big company that’s ever less determined to build rather than buy.

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