Another Small Fry Sues Google

A B2B search engine claims Google has rigged its prices to discourage competition.

TradeComet, based in New York City, said yesterday it’s filed an antitrust lawsuit in a New York federal, accuses Google of “engaging in predatory conduct to block search traffic by imposing massive, unjustified price increase.”


Google told the Associated Press, as of late Tuesday, it had not reviewed the allegations and reiterated its position that businesses have other online advertising options besides Google.

TradeComet operates, a search engine designed to connect buyers of industrial products to suppliers. It alleges that Google in 2006 raised the minimum bid on keywords used in SourceTool ads. Instead of paying from 5 cents and 10 cents per ad clicked, SourceTool had to pay $5 and $10 per click.

TradeComet joins a growing roster of small companies and individuals suing Google.

For instance, software company LimitNone, claimed Google misappropriated its trade secrets for its Google Apps online service, and filed suit last year, according to this Cnet News report.

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