AOL Launches a Site for U.S.-based Chinese Users

AOL has rolled out a site for Chinese Americans and other members of the Chinese speaking community living in the U.S.

In addition to regular AOL services like AOL Search and Web mail, the site will carry Chinese-language content from, a division of MediaZone. That programming will include news, sports and other entertainment such as full-length TV shows and sports events Webcast from China.

Additionally, Weblog content will come courtesy of sites in AOL’s Weblogs Inc. Network. The company specifically cited the Chinese versions of Autoblog and Engadget.

For the moment, the English-language ads are drawn from the same pool as those appearing on the main AOL portal. However, the company will let marketers target these users specifically, so Chinese language ads may eventually appear there.

“This launch… extends our effort to efficiently leverage our Web products, content, communities and services in a context that brings the most value to different segments of our users who share common languages and cultural bonds,” said David Liu, VP and general manager of, in a statement.

Visitors can opt to read the site in either simplified or traditional Chinese characters. The page will be linked from the international services area of the portal.

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