AOL’s Netscape ISP Adds Faster Surfing, Pop-Up Blocking, Other Goodies

AOL’s Netscape now includeds extra features, for extra fees.

Web Accelerator with Pop-Up Blocker enables members to surf the ‘Net at speeds up to five times faster than with a standard dial-up connection, the company said. The Web Accelerator costs $5 a month on top of Netscape’s $9.95 basic dial-up access fee.

The other two add-on features, Advanced Spam Blocker and E-Mail Virus Scan, are available for $1 apiece per month. The virus scan feature automatically scans email attachments and is updated hourly. The spam-blocker makes it possible for users to personalize filters and direct spam to a spam folder.

Joel Davidson, EVP of Netscape ISP, said in a statement, “Consumers want the choice to build their own Internet service with the flexibility to add just the features they need.”

AOL launched the Netscape ISP in January in an effort to drive a wedge into the economy dialup market. It competes with providers such as Earthlink and United Online, which saw subscriber growth in 2003 for lower-priced Internet access offerings at costs ranging from $9.95 to $15.95 per month.

In an effort to snare new customers, Netscape launched an affiliate marketing program with Commission Junction last month.

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