Apple Wants You to Spread the Word

aapl podcast.jpg Go forth and podcast.

It’s obvious why Apple would have a vested interest in promoting podcasting, but it was still a surprise to get an e-mail from the folks in Sunnyvale urging their users to explore B2B podcasting:

“Promoting your business just got easier. Create a podcast with GarageBand, post it to iTunes in minutes, and reach customers, clients, and partners in a whole new way. Chefs are sharing recipes. Maternity store owners are giving the lowdown on diaper bags. And other professionals are airing business discussions, marketing new products and services, and keeping people informed.”

The penny dropped, apparently. Apple’s selling plenty of iPods, of course, but now they’re obviously working to leverage podcasting across hardware, software and e-commerce platforms.

The landing page disappoints, though. All it does is point to Apple’s retail store locations.

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