Aquafina Jumps on Widget Bandwagon in Baseball Promo

Baseball, beer, peanuts…and water?

It’s all baseball all the time today (when the rain doesn’t ruin things, that is). Advertisers want to be a part of it all, too. Along with Bank of America, today’s Opening Day sponsor, and several other advertisers written about here today, Aquafina is running an effort, extending its campaign featuring everybody’s favorite curmudgeonly manager, Lou Piniella.

The water brand has created a widget featuring a digital bobblehead that’s supposed to look like Piniella. It doesn’t. At all. Bobble heads never look like who they’re supposed to, though, so maybe it was intentional.

Anyway, the Aquafina branded widget features a new message from Piniella everyday, the type of peaceful, pleasant statement you’d never expect him to say. Today’s is pretty ho-hum. I think I’d rather hear the angry Piniella personally.

I think it’s smart that Aquafina is running an Opening Day related effort since it’s campaign has a baseball connection, but I’m not sure what the value of this widget is exactly. How many of these things can people be expected to download anyway?

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