Argentina’s Online Population

As of June, 2001 there are approximately 2 million Internet users in Argentina, according to research from D’Alessio IROL. There are Internet users in 1.2 million homes, where at least one member of the household is connected to the Web.

Home is still the most popular place from which top access the Web in Argentina, although access from the workplace is increasing significantly, particularly among Internet users in the lowest socio-economic levels.

Unlike many developing Internet markets, most Internet users in Argentina are not adolescents: 82 percent are over 24 years old.

Seventy-one percent of Internet users in Argentina used the Net to shop, but 15 percent carried out some kind of commercial transaction. Online contacts appear to be generating more purchases of goods and services offline than on the Web. The main barrier to e-commerce in Argentina continues to be the fear of using online payment systems.

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