Ask Planning Local Push

IAC/InterActiveCorp has been touting the potential synergy between its sites for a while now, and there has been some limited integration between and its local information sites Citysearch, TicketMaster and Evite. It looks like that integration is about to get even more substantial, IAC’s chairman and CEO Barry Diller said Monday at the Reuters Media Summit in New York.

Diller has been known to ignore his PR team’s schedule, like when he announced the death of Jeeves six months ahead of schedule.

Apparently he has jumped the gun again, and revealed IAC’s plans for “AskCity”, a local service scheduled to launch next week. The city guides will include content from various IAC divisions, such as Web search, city guides, maps and event listings. Diller said the changes would be incorporated into itself later in December.

Diller said in August that IAC would be investing in the business, and increasing integration between and CitySearch, among other IAC properties.

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