Atlas Offers In-Stream Ad Serving

Adding another tool to its family of ad serving technologies, Atlas has launched Atlas In-Stream Video for the management of ads placed before, during or after online video content.

“Executing on a video campaign or ad these days is complicated and disjointed,” said Scott Ferris, SVP and general manager for Atlas Emerging Media. “What we’re doing with our release of the Atlas in-stream video product is transferring the burden and the control to the agency on that ad asset. The agency now has the ability to take that one advertising asset and manage it efficiently across all the myriad of media they are going to be buying on.”

Atlas In-Stream Video will allow media and advertising agencies to place video advertisements and track metrics through an automated system available through the Atlas dashboard, according to Ferris.

“It’s all predicated on the promise of a video advertising model on the Web,” he said. “Third party ad serving is the accepted advertising tech model for Web media. Advertising with video is now ready to be scaled.”

The aQuantive unit already provides ad serving tools for managing the placement of banners, search, and rich media. Competitor DoubleClick picked up video advertising functions, both in-stream and in-page, with its June acquisition of Klipmart, but has not yet introduced a dedicated in-stream ad serving offering to its DART Motif platform.

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