AT&T Bursts with ‘Mobility’ in Digital Heavy Campaign

In a bid to “mobilize” its brand, AT&T has launched a multi-pronged campaign created by BBDO that will include a number of digital elements aimed at young people.

The endeavor aims to drive home AT&T’s wireless capabilities, a goal buoyed in June with widespread publicity around the iPhone launch.

Company spokeswoman Jenny Parker said the new “mobility-centric” advertising campaign includes six new “Your Seamless World” TV spots that feature wireless services, a new interactive “Digital World” Web site and print creative that will launch Sept. 24.

Proving the company is serious about the extent of its makeover, AT&T has even cut back on blue in its advertising materials, substituting orange as its preferred brand tint.

On the Web front, the new Digital World site will launch on September 24 and offer visitors the ability to create online personas through the use of “modules of color.” Users will be able to export the results to theri online community pages for public viewing. Those who participate will receive goodies from AT&T, including “incentives and details about AT&T products and services that match their interests, such as special offers on text messages,” the company said.

Another online component is a Web destination called The AT&T Souvenir Store, where people can mash up their geographic affinities to generate whimsical place names. For instance, AT&T said people with connections to New York, San Francisco and South Dakota may dub their geo-network “New Sanfrakota.” AT&T believes young people will be so enamored with this they’ll want to then buy — from the Souvenir Store — “their own personalized ‘Your Seamless World’ merchandise, such as T-shirts and bumper stickers.”

If this all sounds a bit juvenile, well that’s the point. “Digital World” is targeted to people aged 13 to 24, and while the campaign will run nationwide, the main target will be colleges.

And in its effort to attract the young and the restless, AT&T is also using “up and coming celebrities,” including rapper Yung Joc, MTV reality show star Kristen Cavalier and Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young.

The company said it has for several months been purposefully recasting itself as “mobility-centric.” It rolled-out new signage at 1,800 of its stores and changed billing materials, handsets and packaging. With the hype surrounding the June release of the iPhone, a unit designed to work only on its wireless network, AT&T believes it gained ground on that front.

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