AT&T Mobile Portal to Carry Yahoo OneSearch Results and Ads

In its ongoing push to collaborate with carriers, Yahoo has signed a deal with AT&T that will put OneSearch on the carrier’s portal. AT&T’s on-deck MEdia Net portal will be powered by OneSearch, bringing media assets such as news, financial information, weather conditions, Flickr photos, and Web images to AT&T user handsets. OneSearch also provides users relevant results for ringtones, wallpapers, games, and other content in the same browsing experience.

Despite the variety of content, oneSearch ads consist solely of sponsored search text ads on results pages. Through a strategic alliance made in January, Yahoo has the ability to serve display ads but hasn’t done so yet.

AT&T has about 70 million wireless customers, though not all of those use the mobile Web. The reach for oneSearch is in the tens of millions, and a portion of those are using the iPhone. However, iPhone users likely don’t start on the MEdia Net portal, and may not use the service at all, narrowing the reach just a little bit more.

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