AT&T Pledges Net Neurality – Or Does It?

AT&T.jpegAT&T has offered concessions to the FCC to facilitate its $85B buyout of BellSouth, including
a promise to observe network neutrality principles for at least 30 months, as well as guaranteeing low cost DSL access for that time period.

Techdirt quotes Dave Burstein as pointing out while AT&T has promised to uphold network neutrality on their primary network, the fine print reveals this doesn’t apply to the Internet Protocol television (IPTV) high-speed network. In other words, “AT&T promises not to violate network neutrality on a network they never intended to use that way, and carves out permission to use it on their new network, where they had planned all along to set up additional tollbooths.”

Final approval of the buyout requires a vote of the FCC commissioners.

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