AudienceScience President Jeff Hirsch to Leave Company

jeffhirsch-audiencescienceAudienceScience President Jeff Hirsch is stepping down. Hirsch plans to “pursue smaller entrepreneurial interests,” according to a company spokesperson.

Hirsch, who came on board in 2006 as COO of the behavioral targeting firm, replaced Bill Gossman in the CEO role in 2008. At the time Hirsch served as president and CEO. Before joining what was then known as Revenue Science, one of the bigger players in behavioral targeting, Hirsch held executive positions with ValueClick and Fastclick.

Hirsch returned to the president-only position earlier this year, when the company named Jeff Pullen – then a board member – as CEO in May. Among the more significant changes under Hirsch’s leadership, Revenue Science became AudienceScience in February 2009, in part to reflect the company’s shift – and the behavioral targeting sector’s shift as a whole – away from publisher-side services towards a larger scale network.

“CEO Jeff Pullen and other senior AudienceScience executives will assume Hirsch’s responsibilities,” noted AudienceScience in a statement.

According to the company, Hirsch will leave September 30 and his current President position will not be filled. Hirsch will still have a hand in the business, though, as he will sit on the AudienceScience board of in a non-executive capacity.

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