Automotive Web Ads: GM Is Tops in Reach, Toyota Plays Frequency Game

scion speaks(2).jpgGM, Toyota and Honda were the heaviest online advertisers among auto companies in January, according to some new data from comScore Ad Metrix. GM delivered approximately 1.7 billion impressions, while Toyota placed 1.4 billion and Ford bought 11.3 billion.

However the data tell a different story when examined in terms of frequency and targeting. Toyota scored the highest number of ads per person — 22 per individual in January, comScore says, compared with 16 for GM and 11 for Ford. The heavy concentration of impressions probably has something to do with the auto maker’s online marketing strategy for its Scion brand, which is focused heavily on the “urban” segment (i.e. black and hispanic youth). Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if Prius and Toyota’s other hybrid/fuel economy advertising was aimed at fans of and other environment and cause-related content.

Speaking of Toyota and digital marketing, have you seen the Scion Speak “create your own crest” experience? Ranks right up there with the smoothest and prettiest site interfaces I’ve played with in recent memory. The “navigation wheel” concept sure is favored by experience designers. See R/GA’s recent work for Sunglass Hut.

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