Average CPL Data by Category for Year Ending July 2009

How much does an online lead cost? The following data, provided by online lead generation firm Pontiflex, shows the average cost-per-lead across seven categories, compiled from a sample of 709 of Pontiflex’s partner Web sites for the year ending July 31, 2009.

The figures show the cost of two separate types of leads: basic and premium. Basic data includes information such as a user’s first name, last name, e-mail address and postal address, whereas premium fields include more detailed information such as telephone numbers, social networking usernames, and custom questions. Leads for the campaigns analyzed were non-incentivized, opt-in, and purchased on a cost-per-lead pricing model. The consumer sample included North American adults aged 18 and over. The data were gathered from campaigns that had a minimum spend of $5,000 during the one-year time period.

U.S. Average Cost Per Lead (CPL) by Category, year ending July 31 2009
Category CPL “Basic” ($) CPL “Premium” ($)
Overall 0.60 2.27
CPG 0.87 1.13
Entertainment 0.80 3.00
Health 0.60 3.36
Non-Profit 1.33 1.85
Online Retail 0.59 n/a
Technology 0.43 3.75
Travel 1.40 2.50
Source: Pontiflex CPL Benchmark Study, August 2009

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