BA: Wimbledon’s Not For Yobs, Hooligans

BA wimbledon.jpgBA wants you to win a trip to London — provided you first undergo behavioral training.

A new campaign that launched today (created by “educates visitors that #1 foam fingers and air horns, while popular at American sporting events, are ‘just not done’ at Wimbledon… Visitors also learn that one of the best ways to attend a match is to ask a departing guest to pass along their ‘debenture’ tickets, and are gently reminded to refrain from partaking in popular American customs like ‘the wave.’”

The units don’t just show you, then tell you in a crisp, Queen’s English accent (via a link to user-initiated audio) how not to behave at the match.

Ads are running on sites including Yahoo! News, and CBS Sportsline through July 10.

Please — lift your pinky when you click.

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