Barry Diller at Web 2.0

A few words from IAC media mogul Barry Diller at the conference last evening:

  • On Google. “You mean the evil I would do to them?” he jokes. Later, Diller added, “It’s a great service. Is it going to have 35 to 50 percent market share over time? Anything can happen.”
  • On Content Creation. I absolutely see my company getting involved in making product…. We all know that everything, of course, will be in digits.”
  • On User-Generated Content. “What is We may provide the template but we don’t, thank God, provide the product.” For entertainment, Diller was dismissive of user-generated content, saying he didn’t think there was a vast pool of untapped creative talent out there. “Talent will out,” he said.
  • On News Corp’s buy of “I suspect that it will either be that he [Rupert Murdoch] has bought these things very cheap, or they are worthless…. He is a great risk-taker.”
  • On Media Consumption Habits. “One thing we do know, the children are doing many more tasks then we did and somehow they are squeezing tem into waking hours.”

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