Bazaarvoice Enables Video Feedback in Consumer Reviews

Reviewer.jpgHave a yen to prove your “some assembly required” skills? Then posting a video of how you put together your latest purchase on YouTube or Google Video is the latest hot thing. But what if someone reviews one of your products, and you want other potential customers to see it? It’s easy enough to embed videos from YouTube or Google in blogs using most blogging platforms, but now Bazaarvoice is adding that feature to its own Word of Mouth marketing tools.

Bazaarvoice manages review feedback systems, enabling customers to post text and photos on corporate Web sites of clients like Bass Pro Shops, CompUSA,, Macy’s, and PETCO. Now it’s providing the capability to upload video content from YouTube or Google video, to go with text reviews.

“Leveraging content that is already created out there to drive conversion is very powerful,” Sam Decker, VP of marketing and products for Bazaarvoice told me. He also said part of their service is to review and approve all submissions. “So we will moderate — ‘Is this really a review of the product, or just some stupid video?’ That’s part of our service.”

In addition, the firm’s clients will have access to the video reviews for marketing and merchandising purposes.

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