BBC Eyes Behavioral Targeting

BBC Worldwide may be looking to launch behavioral targeting ad technology across its properties. New Media Age reports the BBC’s commercial arm has approached a number of behavioral targeting firms, aiming to monetize its international traffic more effectively.

Quoted by NMA, Chris Dobson, head of global ad sales at BBC Worldwide, stated, “We’re testing first. We intend to roll it out extensively across most components of the sites, including U.K. sites and outside the U.K.”

A BBC Worldwide spokeswoman reportedly acknowledged that targeting methods were being investigated, but that “no decision has been taken on how BBC Worldwide will proceed.” The BBC press office has not replied with confirmation to me today.

ISP-based behavioral targeting firms such as NebuAd and Phorm have been under scrutiny recently surrounding the privacy implications of their systems. However, if indeed the BBC does introduce such technologies, it is likely to adopt more traditional behavioural solutions from firms such as Revenue Science or Tacoda.

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