Because It’s Friday…and Beacuse It’s Technically Worksafe

Pubes.jpgIt’s a longstanding editorial policy that we do not — ever — reprint press releases. Herewith, the single exception to that rule in our 10+ years of publishing.

A new media opportunity. Enjoy.

Businesses Flock to Buy Woman’s Pubic Hair

A unique and highly creative website owned by an anonymous UK based female has rapidly become one the most talked about sites on the Internet.
has been set up to finance the costly treatment of laser hair removal from the bikini area of the lady in question. Having tried every treatment available to retain her silky smoothness including waxing, shaving and creams, she concluded that the only way to achieve her dream of ultimate smoothness was by laser treatment, hence was launched.

Each pubic hair is offered for sale at $200, but it’s not just a hair that you get for your money. Along with the sale of each and every hair is a 10 x 10 pixel advertisement on the homepage of, a website that has already attracted nearly 50,000 visitors in a matter of days.

Each advertisement is also accompanied by a short description and a direct link to the advertisers’ website.

Businesses can instantly purchase one or more pubic hairs by visiting the site at and simply clicking on the ‘BUY PUBIC HAIR’ link. You can then select exactly where on her body you would like your advertisement and link to appear. Upon checking out you also have the option to have the pubic hair posted to you. The owner of the site said “I hope that as many people as possible would like to receive my hair, but if you would prefer to just place your advert then that is fine too!”

The site has already attracted a number of serious businesses who have seen the initiative as a fun way to achieve effective advertising and a great return on investment. Cost-per-click has never been so much fun!

5,000 pubic hairs are on offer to raise the owner’s magical $1,000,000 goal.

With nearly 200 hairs already purchased interested businesses who want to gain great exposure at a low cost are advised to act quickly, and take advantage of this unique ‘hair today-gone tomorrow’ opportunity.

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