Best Buy Preps for Digital TV Transition with Site, Social Tools

askablueshirt.JPGI haven’t talked much about the digital TV transition, which will happen to television receiving signals over the airwaves in February 2009 and cable in 2012. Consumers are confused. It’s a marketing bonanza for consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers. Several manufacturers have special Web sites to educate in-market buyers on the transition, and the value of HDTV. Best Buy now has Ask a Blue Shirt, a site set up to ease the minds of consumers. It’s a blog, FAQ, and directory of where consumers can find DTV bootcamps at local Best Buy locations.

Best Buy is such a comfort here, the Blue Shirts will befriend consumers on Facebook through a widget. It displays a countdown clock on your page, and lets you challenge friends to ’80s and ’90s TV trivia, or just take the trivia challenge yourself. While you test your knowledge of syndicated sitcoms of yesterday, Best Buy throws in a few facts about DTV options at its stores.

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