Big Web Ad Spender Dell Partners with WPP

Working with hundreds of different agencies spelled trouble ahead, trouble behind for DellÂ’’s Global Marketing VP Casey Jones. (Sorry, I couldn’Â’t resist.) The head of the computer maker’sÂ’ marketing operation started “”Project Da Vinci” aiming to establish an agency partner dedicated to combining art and science, and dedicated solely to Dell.

The result of the partnership will be an integrated marketing and communications agency. In its press release, Dell stressed the importance of “the “right analytics”” for its interactive efforts, and “”the ability to build campaigns in days, rather than months.””

My understanding is Dell will continue working with current agencies for the next few months. Then, it will be all WPP all the time.

ItÂ’’s a safe assumption the new agency will be doing a good deal of interactive stuff for Dell. In August, the company spent $6.2 million promoting its Inspiron product and $2.5 million pushing its XPS computer using online ads, according to TNS Media Intelligence.

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