Bigfoot Interactive, SDC to Offer Joint Services

Direct email marketer Bigfoot Interactive and customer analysis and personalization software company Strategic Data Corp. this week announced their intention to combine their email and personalization capabilities to offer clients targeted, customized mailings.

By bringing together Bigfoot’s opt-in email technology and SDC’s personalization software, the deal will enable marketers to segment customers and deliver targeted email messages. SDC’s real-time response analysis tools will also be used for campaign optimization, based on recipients’ behavior.

“The major key to e-Marketing success is leveraging powerful analytics to align content to customer preferences, to remove inefficiencies and to improve performance and ROI,” said Bigfoot chief executive officer and co-founder Jim Hoffman.

“Our software frees up the marketer from routine monitoring and analysis, allowing them to focus on special cases and overall campaign effectiveness,” said SDC chairman, chief executive officer and founder Lee Cooper.

“Our relationship with Bigfoot Interactive will ensure companies are positively maximizing their relationships with their customers.”

The deal is similar to June’s agreement between email marketer ClickAction and ad serving and measurement company MediaPlex Inc..

That alliance also combined the companies’ technologies to offer marketers opt-in email based on database information. In addition to targeted messages based on profiles, the companies’ joint offerings can potentially integrate other database information — for instance, enabling real-time changes in emailed discounts as inventory levels fluctuate.

Opt-in email can be a sweet proposition for marketers. Recent analyst reports have put its clickthrough rates as high as 5 to 15 percent, whereas traditional on-site banner ads’ clickthroughs average about 0.45 percent.

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