Bill O’Reilly Hates CGM

Bill O’Reilly loathes the thought that Sally School Teacher in Tupelo could one day replace him.

The O’Reilly Factor host interviewed Infinity Broadcasting CEO Joel Hollander yesterday at the Museum of TV and Radio as part of the Advertising Week festivities. In response to a question from the audience about the impact of the consumer generated media trend on radio, he grabbed the spotlight and said this:

“Regular civilian people taking a shot at creating their own format, it’s a thousand to one shot that they’re going to succeed. When you go in and [try to create] a format, it can’t be [successful] just because you like it and your friend Dicky likes it.”

Let’s see… if 30,000 podcasters each have a thousand to one shot at being a radio star, does that mean 30 DIY radio celebrities are coming down the pipe? Sounds like pretty good odds to me, Bill.

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