Bing Advertised: T-minus Two Hours to Microsoft’s Live Infomercial on Hulu

Judging by the reactions of many, Microsoft has come off as trying a bit too hard to transform its new search brand into an overnight success. But while the flashy TV spots, homepage takeovers, and product placement deals do come off as strenuous, you have to give the company credit for playing around with creative formats that haven’t been tried yet — at least on behalf of a search engine.

Case in point: tonight’s Bing-a-thon, a Microsoft sponsored “live party” on Hulu, which starts at 8pm. Hosted by SNL cast member Jason Sudeikis and G4’s Olivia Munn, the hour-long show was developed by the Creative Artists Agency in L.A. How many will tune in? In all likelihood, only Hulu and Microsoft will ever know. But we’ll follow the event and post reactions here tomorrow.

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