Biz360 Adds Data to PR Measurement Tool

Biz360 has added Nielsen//NetRatings data to its corporate reputation measuring system, allowing its clients to get a handle on how public relations and other communications efforts are playing out online. Biz360 clients include AstraZeneca, Harley-Davidson, Sun Microsystems, and PacifiCare.

“One of the challenges of measuring the effects of your communications efforts online is that there’s no industry standard,” said Deborah Eastman, CMO of Biz360. “With print, you have subscriber base, so you know the reach. Nielsen is the closest to a standard online.”

Nielsen//NetRatings global Internet audience reach metrics will be included in Biz360’s MediaSignal metric, which combines the prominence of the mention with the circulation data of the publication.

Biz360 had previously used a combination of third party data and in-house technology to monitor market intelligence online. Existing customers will have access to the new service immediately.

Market360 analyzes content from more than 10,000 online properties, partner feeds covering thousands of print and broadcast outlets, daily news articles and a news article archive. Most of Biz360’s clients use the service to measure and monitor their own corporate reputation and effects of their marketing programs online and in print, while about 20 percent add broadcast to the mix, Eastman said.

A few clients have adapted the technology as a way to plan a media buying strategy when entering a new region or a new market. “They look at the publications in the region to see where their industry topics and competitors get covered — and that’s where they’ll put their ad spend,” she said.

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